I am trying to implement add this code to a site , I would like to open facebook,twitter,linkedin and email windows as pop up when any one click on the buttons . I am also using cutomized buttons here . All other except linked in works perfect , but linked is not opening in a pop up window instead it opens a seperate tab window. How can I solve this ? Please see the code here


 <!-- AddThis Smart Layers BEGIN -->
 <!-- Go to http://www.addthis.com/get/smart-layers to customize -->
 <script type="text/javascript" src="//s7.addthis.com/js/30 /addthis_widget.js#pubid=sunilkumarpkerala"></script>

 <!-- AddThis Smart Layers END -->
 <div class="addthis_toolbox addthis_default_style">
 <a class="addthis_button_facebook"><img src="http://mysite.com/workshop/shareimages/facebook.png"
     width="32" height="32" border="0" alt="Facebook" /></a>
 <a class="addthis_button_twitter"><img src="http://mysite.com/workshop/shareimages/twitter.png"
     width="32" height="32" border="0" alt="Facebook" /></a>
 <a class="addthis_button_linkedin"><img src="http://mysite.com/workshop/shareimages/linkedin.png"
     width="32" height="32" border="0" alt="Linkedin" /></a>
 <a class="addthis_button_email"><img src="http://mysite.com/workshop/shareimages/email.png"
     width="32" height="32" border="0" alt="Email" /></a>


You can see the live example here

  • Have you found the solution for this?
    – elvismdev
    Jan 11 '18 at 0:13

You can check Addthis Sharing Endpoints that doesn't uses their script and make it work how you want.

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