I have an object and want a method that returns how much method this Object have that start with bla_.

I found get_class_methods() which returns all method names, but I only want names which starts with bla_


You can use preg_grep() to filter them:

$method_names = preg_grep('/^bla_/', get_class_methods($object));
  • From where the variable $object comes? Actually I want to fetch method list of 4 and 5 controllers. How I can set the $object variable? – Musaddiq Khan Oct 17 '17 at 11:14
  • $object is the class name as a string or an instance of the class, (as indicated in the documentation). – Skeets Jun 26 at 5:24


$methods = array();
foreach (get_class_methods($myObj) as $method) {
    if (strpos($method, "bla_") === 0) {
        $methods[] = $method;

Note that === is necessary here. == won't work, since strpos() returns false if no match was found. Due to PHPs dynamic typing this is equal to 0 and therefore a strict (type safe) equality check is needed.


Why don't you just make your own function that loops through the array from get_class_methods() and tests each element against "bla_" and returns a new list with each matching value?


I would suggest something a bit more flexible such as this (unless the method names are dynamic or are unknown):

interface ITest
    function blah_test();
    function blah_test2();

class Class1 implements ITest
    function blah_test()

    function blah_test2()

    function somethingelse()

$obj = new Class1();

$methods = array_intersect( get_class_methods($obj), get_class_methods('ITest') );
foreach( $methods as $methodName )
    echo "$methodName\n";



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