It seems jquery ui is loaded because when i run

      // did the UI load?

the JS console returns 1.10.3

I am using the gem https://github.com/joliss/jquery-ui-rails (most recent) and https://github.com/rails/jquery-rails version 2.1.4

I am trying to generate unique IDs for each youtube embed's iframe

$(".youtube_embed iframe").each.uniqueId();

am i doing it right? I get this error in the JS console:

Uncaught TypeError: Object function ( callback, args ) {
    return jQuery.each( this, callback, args );
} has no method 'uniqueId' 1:938
(anonymous function)
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    Functions have properties in JavaScript so $(...).each.uniqueId() is trying to call uniqueId on jQuery's each function rather than on a jQuery object. – mu is too short Aug 16 '13 at 6:32
  • I suspect a lot of people landing on this question (or several of the similar/duplicate ones) might be grateful for this piece of information: The function uniqueId() is not part of jQuery itself, but jQuery UI, see jqueryui.com – E. Villiger Sep 11 '18 at 11:46

You should iterate each matching element and assign each element an unique id.

$(".youtube_embed iframe").each(function() {

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