I am working on Dropbox Core API with Google App Engine (python). There seems to be some problems with Dropbox-python-sdk on GAE. Therefore, I have choose to use the Core APIs directly.

My app is trying to retrieve all image files from a user's dropbox (with file type permission). But I couldn't find a way to get all files without specifying the root/path (all the APIs stated here requires a specific file path)

Any idea?

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EDIT Dropbox actually recommends not automatically recursing via /metadata calls. (See https://www.dropbox.com/developers/core/bestpractices.)

There's no method to get a recursive list of files, so you would need to use /search to find files or /delta with no cursor to get the full list of files.

Could the Chooser be an option here (if you're just trying to let the user pick individual files)?

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  • I my case, I actually want to load all photos inside a user's dropbox for display purpose. Thus, chooser is not an option. If I use /delta, the first call will actually load all files, is it? I will try it out! Thanks! – xialin Aug 17 '13 at 2:47

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