I'm pretty new to using WordPress and am having an issue with getting my expected result. I am trying to pull from the WordPress database so I am using $wpdb. The following is what I have:

global $wpdb;
echo $wpdb->query("SELECT * FROM wp_users");

Rather than it echoing all of the users, it returns with the number of users in the table. If I add "WHERE id = some number" it echoes that ID number.

What is going wrong and how do I get it to select all from that table?



The function returns an integer corresponding to the number of rows affected/selected. If there is a MySQL error, the function will return FALSE. (Note: since both 0 and FALSE can be returned, make sure you use the correct comparison operator: equality == vs. identicality ===)

You can use get_results to fetch all records

 global $wpdb;
 $users=$wpdb->get_results( "SELECT * FROM wp_users" );
print_r( $users);

Manual Class_Reference wpdb

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