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I want an error log file attached to my application I have developed. My application is made in php mysql and I need that whatever error is found it should be displayed in a .txt file with full explanation like what is the error in which line number like that. I have no Idea how can I get that.

Can anyone help me creating this and changes do I have to make to get those error in my application. My server is an IIS server.

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  • Use try catch and in catch log the error to the file where you want to write the error. – Deepu Aug 17 '13 at 5:57
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    There are already log files being created by PHP/IIS that you should be able to look at. Are these not sufficient? Are you looking for a more custom logging facility? What have you looked at so far? – deceze Aug 17 '13 at 5:58
  • the error file inside Apache shows error off all other application projects error but I want particularly for this application how can I do that??? – Rakhi Aug 17 '13 at 6:11

First we have to see types of errors in PHP:

Notices: These are non-critical errors which PHP encounters while running a script. For example, a variable accessibility before it is declared.

Warnings: The are more serious errors. For example, using include()without the existence of the file.

Fatal Errors: These errors are critical errors. For example, creating an object of a non-existent class. These errors terminate the script’s execution immediately. These are intimated to the users.

Now, the process of Catching these 3 types of errors

//Setting for the PHP Error Handler
set_error_handler( call_back function or class );

//Setting for the PHP Exceptions Error Handler
set_exception_handler(call_back function or class);

//Setting for the PHP Fatal Error
register_shutdown_function(call_back function or class);

Whatever the function or class is described by user for tracing the error the following command is used:

 $debug = debug_backtrace();


If you print the debug then it will show you the running process and file name, line number of the error.

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