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i have a sun ldap server on a solaris machine, and my web application can connect to the ldap over 389 port. now i want to connect to ldap over ssl using 636 port. in my ldap server i have installed the certificate. now i have exported the certificate using a key from the ldap server so that i can use this certificate with my web application. on the same machine my glassfish server is also installed. i copied the certificate in the /usr/java/jre/lib/security/ folder. now in my web application i used this code to connect to the ldap over sll but it is unable to connect to the ldap.

 Hashtable ht = new Hashtable();
//      ht.put(Context.SECURITY_AUTHENTICATION, "simple");
    // Specify SSL
    ht.put(Context.SECURITY_PROTOCOL, "ssl");

what i am doing wrong? please correct me.

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If the SSL/TLS certificate you installed on your LDAP server is a self-signed one or its signer certificate doesn't exist in your JVM's lib/security/cacerts truststore, you need to import the certificate into a truststore and specify where that truststore is by setting the System properties and You seem to have already imported the certificate into a JKS file (assuming it is JKS format). You need to point to that file and specify its password so JVM can access to it.

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