I've set up Amazon S3 to serve my static site, speakeasylinguistics.com. All of the DNS stuff seems to be working okay, because dig +recurse +trace www.speakeasylinguistics.com outputs the correct DNS info.

But when you visit the site in a browser using the endpoint, the index.html page downloads, instead of being served. How do I fix this?

I've tried Chrome, Safari, FF. It happens on all of them. I used Amazon's walkthrough on hosting a custom domain to a T.

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    running curl -I against the file returns: Content-Disposition: attachment in the headers -- that is what is causing the problem. I think that is in the meta data for the file. – dc5 Aug 18 '13 at 8:00
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    I solved this problem specifying the metadata (content-type = text/html) when uploading the html file to S3 – Pedro Hidalgo Nov 16 '16 at 20:50

Running curl -I against the url you posted gives the following result:

curl -I http://speakeasylinguistics.com.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
x-amz-id-2: DmfUpbglWQ/evhF3pTiXYf6c+gIE8j0F6mw7VmATOpfc29V5tb5YTeojC68jE7Rd
x-amz-request-id: E233603809AF9956
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 07:58:55 GMT
Content-Disposition: attachment
Last-Modified: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 07:05:20 GMT
ETag: "eacded76ceb4831aaeae2805c892fa1c"
Content-Type: text/html
Content-Length: 2585
Server: AmazonS3

This line is the culprit:

Content-Disposition: attachment

If you are using the AWS console, I believe this can be changed by selecting the file in S3 and modifying its meta data by removing this property.


If you are doing this programmatically you can set the ContentType and/or ContentDisposition params in your upload.

[PHP Example]

      $output = $s3->putObject(array(
          'Bucket' => $bucket,
          'Key' => md5($share). '.html',
          'ContentType' => 'text/html',
          'Body' => $share,

putObject Docs


If you are using Hashicorp Terraform you can specify the content-type on an aws_s3_bucket_object as follows

resource "aws_s3_bucket_object" "index" {
  bucket = "yourbucketnamehere"
  key = "index.html"
  content = "<h1>Hello, world</h1>"

  content_type = "text/html"

This should serve your content appropriately in the browser.

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    Thank you for the Terraform mention! – Jonathan Le Mar 12 '19 at 19:41
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    Terraform documentation should have mentioned it. – Tara Prasad Gurung May 8 '20 at 3:24
  • terraform def doesn't mention this clearly. thanks for this! – shan Jun 9 '20 at 21:33
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    This is exactly what I needed, thank you. Also to add, due to some caches, if one keep retrying the website endpoint, the issue would appear to still exist. Try doing it in incognito or after clearing caches, it will serve the content on the browser. – Amitabh Ghosh Sep 7 '20 at 7:15

if you guys are trying to upload it with Boto3 and python 3.7 or above try with

s3 = boto3.client('s3')

for update Content-Type


If you are using AWS S3 Bitbucket Pipelines Python, then add the parameter content_type as follow:


def upload_to_s3(bucket, artefact, bucket_key, content_type):

def main():
    parser.add_argument("content_type", help="Content Type File")

if not upload_to_s3(args.bucket, args.artefact, args.bucket_key, args.content_type):

and modify bitbucket-pipelines.yml as follow:

- python s3_upload.py bucket_name file key content_type 

Where content_type param can be one of following: MIME types (IANA media types)

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