I have a problem.

When I typed /usr/local/bin/indexer --all --config /usr/local/etc/sphinx.conf to terminal , The output was like that :

Sphinx 2.0.8-release (r3831)

Copyright (c) 2001-2012, Andrew Aksyonoff

Copyright (c) 2008-2012, Sphinx Technologies Inc (http://sphinxsearch.com)

using config file '/usr/local/etc/sphinx.conf'...

indexing index 'search'...

WARNING: source src1: skipped 10 document(s) with zero/NULL ids

collected 0 docs, 0.0 MB

total 0 docs, 0 bytes

total 0.006 sec, 0 bytes/sec, 0.00 docs/sec

total 1 reads, 0.000 sec, 0.0 kb/call avg, 0.0 msec/call avg

total 5 writes, 0.000 sec, 0.0 kb/call avg, 0.0 msec/call avg

Here is my sphinx.conf:


So do you think , what the problem is ?

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The very first column in your sql_query is ALWAYS taken as the document-ID.

sql_query      = SELECT u.username, a.user_id, a.id, ....

In your query, is u.username really a completely unique unsigned 32bit integer?



you probably just write

sql_query      = SELECT a.id, u.username, a.user_id,  ....
  • Yes it is exactly what i did. Thank you for answering – Halil Bilgin Aug 26 '13 at 18:17
  • cool, think to vote on my answer and barryhunter's one. – Moosh Aug 26 '13 at 18:36
  • I'm sorry , vote up requires 15 reputations but i have only 7 :/ – Halil Bilgin Aug 27 '13 at 10:05

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