Why does COUNT() return multiple rows when I just need the total count of how many rows my query generates?

Should return 1078.

enter image description here

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The COUNT() is working as expected. When you put a group by clause, the count() gives you the result for GROUP BY. If you wish to get the count of rows in a query that includes group by, use it as a subquery instead.

Something like:

                      GROUP BY `column1`) AS `a`

Well, simple answer. Don't GROUP BY if you don't need groups.

Either use COUNT(DISTINCT articles.company) without GROUP BY or keep the the GROUP BY and wrap the whole query in a SELECT COUNT(*) FROM (...) AS data, if you want to count the groups.


Do not use group by, it will count the number of each group.

  • Well I actually need GROUP BY, so it should return the correct figure.
    – silkfire
    Aug 19, 2013 at 9:02
  • @silkfire yes. if you need, it will return the count of each group. And if you wanna return the count of all items, just remove group by.
    – MarshalSHI
    Aug 19, 2013 at 9:06

Write the above query as subquery then it will give proper result and dont use group by

select count(*) from (select articles.id from 'contract_prices' left join 'articles' on
    (arcticles.id = contract_prices.article) 
    where 'contract_to' >= curdate()

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