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Can someone please help me to understand the command cd /d %~dp0 and its purposes. Again dos command is below

cd /d %~dp0

Please help me to get the meaning of it.

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Let's dissect it. There are three parts:

  1. cd -- This is change directory command.
  2. /d -- This switch makes cd change both drive and directory at once. Without it you would have to do cd %~d0 & cd %~p0.
  3. %~dp0 -- This can be dissected further into three parts:
    1. %0 -- This represents zeroth parameter of your batch script. It expands into the name of the batch file itself.
    2. %~0 -- The ~ there strips double quotes (") around the expanded argument.
    3. %dp0 -- The d and p there are modifiers of the expansion. The d forces addition of a drive letter and the p adds full path.

~dp0 : d=drive, p=path, %0=starting directory of this batch-file cd /d %~dp0 will change the path to the same, where the batchfile resides

See for /? for more details

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