I am on shared host and PHP is inatalled as CGI script and that is all the problem i am not able to find whether mod_rewrite if enable or not

Note: I don't have any root level access so i can't much do with Shell.

I have tried the following :
1) checked in phpinfo() where i came to know about that this is the wrong place to look for in PHP-CGI.

2) I have tried getting it from apache_get_modules which agi does not work in PHP-CGI :(
3) I have tried :

if (strpos(shell_exec('/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl -l'), 'mod_rewrite') !== false) {
    // mod_rewrite is enabled

which is asking for path to apache and i dont have this info SHELL cant reply to me and $_SERVER has nothing.
4) I have checked with RewriteEngine On in .htaccess and after this my site is throwing 500 Internal server error may be because of RewriteEngine is not there, but i need this is written to show someone.

Any body has any idea how to check get this DONE.


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With PHP CGI there is no easy way to find out whether mod_rewrite is available or not on the server.

So, you need to find out it by making a test call to the server. You can use the following steps for this method,

  1. Create a directory named mod_rewrite_test on the server.

  2. Add .htaccess file in this directory with the following code,

    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase /mod_rewrite_test RewriteRule .* mod_rewrite_test.txt </IfModule>

    a. first line tells apache to execute the below code only if mod_rewrite is available,
    b. second line enables rewrite engine,
    c. third line sets rewrite base directory path which is from DOCUMENT_ROOT
    d. forth line returns the content of mod_rewrite_test.txt file to any request sent to mod_rewrite_test directory.

  3. Create a file named mod_rewrite_test.txt in the same directory. Write ok in this file and save it.

  4. Now, using CURL in your php script, call the URL similar to,

    http://www.your-domain.com/mod_rewrite_test/test.php and check the response.

    So, as per our .htaccess code, if mod_rewrite is active and working on the server, it will return the content of mod_rewrite_test.txt file i.e. ok even though the test.php file does not exists.

    Otherwise, it will return 404 - Page not found error.


To check if mod_rewrite module is enabaled, create a new php file in your root folder of your server. Enter the following

echo phpinfo();

And access file in your browser.


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