I am newly entered into facebook application. I want to send the message to facebook's users without mailid. I didn't possible. because i found the error is manage_mailbox is not have permission.

Let you know, how to resolve this.. I need ASAP.\ I have tried below like this

$url = "/100003508406494/inbox/";
              'access_token' => $face_token,
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    Could you pls elaborate, some code and what have you tried? It's highly not understood what you are asking! There's no such permission manage_mailbox, but there is read_mailbox Aug 19, 2013 at 9:32

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manage_mailbox seems to be an incorrect error message from FB. I got the same message when i was trying to post a private message using Graph API which i found out later is not possible. You have to use either FB's send dialog or use XMPP chat interface to be able to send private messages now.

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