Code below written in Python imports data from Excel to Python, then plots with matplotlib. I'm trying to fill above and below line 80 with different colors using the fill_between function, but it gives

ValueError: Argument dimensions are incompatible

Note: the Excel file ('eegg.xlsx') has 4 columns with 682 rows and contains int data (0-100).

I think the problem is with the where argument of the fill_between calls, but I cannot solve this.

import xlrd
import numpy
from datetime import time
from pylab import *

workbook = xlrd.open_workbook('eegg.xlsx')
worksheet = workbook.sheet_by_name('Sayfa1')
num_rows = worksheet.nrows - 1
num_cells = worksheet.ncols - 1
curr_row = -1

for i in [2,3]:
    kolon = worksheet.col(i)
    for x in kolon[1:]:
        d= int(x.value)
        if i==2:
        elif i==3:

n = len(att)
X = np.linspace(0,n,n,endpoint=True)
Y1 = att
plot(X, Y1, color='blue', alpha=1.00)
fill_between(X, 0, Y1, (Y1) > 80, color='red', alpha=.25)
fill_between(X, 0, Y1, (Y1) < 80, color='blue', alpha=.25)
xlim(0,n), xticks([])
ylim(0,110), yticks([])
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    can you print out the shapes of X and Y1? Do print X.shape, Y1.shape. – Matti Lyra Aug 19 '13 at 11:10
  • Although knowing the kind of error being raised might help us to solve the problem, it would be much easier if you post the complete traceback, as this tells us where the error is raised. – sodd Aug 19 '13 at 14:00

You get this error because Y1 is a list, not an numpy.array, and therefore (Y1) > 80 and (Y1) < 80 return a single bool each, not an array of them, as the kwarg where accepts.

So replacing the line

Y1 = att


Y1 = array(att)

should solve the problem.

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Make sure to convert X and Y1 to pandas.core.series.Series. That should solve the problem. You can check the type with:


If both return "pandas.core.series.Series" then it should work.

Just for illustration, if X, Y are dataframes, then try the following:

X = X.iloc[:,0]  # NEW
Y = Y.iloc[:,0]  # NEW
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It seems that arguments color and alpha need to be passed as color =...,alpha=...

Correct: ax.fill_between(x, y_min, y_max,color = color, alpha=0.1)

Wrong: ax.fill_between(x, y_min, y_max,color, alpha=0.1)

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  • Yes, this was my issue. Most other matplotlib functions are explicit about this exact mistake, though. This exception is unexpected. – Anonymous Mar 27 '19 at 21:22

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