I would like to implement a template which contains an array of the template Type. Is there a way to do something similar to what I have outlined in my sample code? The problem is in the line where this.foo is assigned a new array of the template type.

class Classname<T>
  T[] foo
    this.foo=new T[128];

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This doesn't work, and here is a good answer that explains why. But, practically spoken, an Arraylist is a good replacement, because it basically wraps an array in a list object.


This question is even closer to your problem


This should work:

import java.lang.reflect.Array;
class Classname<T> {
  T[] foo;
  public Classname(Class<T> klass, int size) {
    this.foo = (T[]) Array.newInstance(klass, size);

then you should be able to use it like this:

Classname<Double> c = new Classname<>(Double.class, 5);

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