I'm using Jenkins to run a VBScript that updates test results in Quality Centre (ALM).

When I run it from 32 bit cmd.exe (C:\windows\syswow64\cmd.exe), the VBScript works fine. When I run it from the default 64-bit cmd.exe (c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe), it fails to create the ALM object.

Set alm = CreateObject("TDApiOle80.TDConnection")

It seems that Jenkins' 'Execute Windows Batch Command' build step uses the default 64-bit command line on the slaves. How can I make Jenkins use the 32 bit cmd.exe?




Try forcing the PATH so that the C:\windows\syswow64\cmd.exe appears before the C:\windows\ system32\cmd.exe one. You can either change the PATH on your Jenkins SLAVE (depending how you start it the solution will differ), or maybe even change your VBScript using this technique

  • Could you explain how can we change this path in jenkins? Which configuration file I should change? – MeM Feb 5 '14 at 11:21

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