I have a Json string been returned from my test server, the Android app is getting this fine but when I try to move it into an object using MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter it fails on the one field that is a List.

Can't seem to figure out why, have tried numerous annotations without success and the error is get is:

org.springframework.http.converter.HttpMessageNotReadableException: Could not read JSON: Unrecognized field "HourlySalesFigures" (class org.springframework.android.showcase.DayData), 
not marked as ignorable (15 known properties: , "nextDate", "totalLoyalty", "previousDate", "totalCheque", "numberOfLoyaltySales", "totalGrand", "numberOfChequeSales", "hourlySalesFigures", "totalCard", "totalCash", "totalCharge" [truncated]])

Returned JSon data:


Java objects I am trying to put this into are (Please note I have left out the getters and setters for brevity)

DayData class

public class DayData {

@ElementList(name="HourlySalesFigures", inline=true)
protected List<HourSalesItem> hourlySalesFigures;

protected String targetDate;
protected String previousDate;
protected String nextDate;
protected int numberOfCashSales;
protected double totalCash;
protected int numberOfCardSales;
protected double totalCard;
protected int numberOfChequeSales;
protected double totalCheque;
protected int numberOfLoyaltySales;
protected double totalLoyalty;
protected int numberOfChargeSales;
protected double totalCharge;
protected double totalGrand;

public DayData(List<HourSalesItem> HourlySalesFigures, String targetDate, String previousDate, String nextDate, int numberOfCashSales, double totalCash, int numberOfCardSales, double totalCard, int numberOfChequeSales, double totalCheque, int numberOfLoyaltySales, double totalLoyalty, int numberOfChargeSales, double totalCharge, double totalGrand) {
    this.hourlySalesFigures = HourlySalesFigures;
    this.targetDate = targetDate;
    this.previousDate = previousDate;
    this.nextDate = nextDate;
    this.numberOfCashSales = numberOfCashSales;
    this.totalCash = totalCash;
    this.numberOfCardSales = numberOfCardSales;
    this.totalCard = totalCard;
    this.numberOfChequeSales = numberOfChequeSales;
    this.totalCheque = totalCheque;
    this.numberOfLoyaltySales = numberOfLoyaltySales;
    this.totalLoyalty = totalLoyalty;
    this.numberOfChargeSales = numberOfChargeSales;
    this.totalCharge = totalCharge;
    this.totalGrand = totalGrand;

public DayData()


HourSalesItem class

public class HourSalesItem{

private int hour;
private int numberOfSales;
private double totalOfSales;

public HourSalesItem(int hour, int numberOfSales, double totalOfSales) {
    this.hour = hour;
    this.numberOfSales = numberOfSales;
    this.totalOfSales = totalOfSales;

public HourSalesItem(){

  • Try with renaming your vars. as HourlySalesFigures, TargetDate etc. – Vishal Pawale Aug 19 '13 at 13:49
  • Did think of that, hence the @Element(name="TotalGrand") annotations. But renamed the variables anyway and retried, same error. – John Cogan Aug 19 '13 at 13:57
  • DayData constructor dont have HourlySalesFigures param in CamelCase, maybe that can be the issue? I'm not sure, just guessing. – Vishal Pawale Aug 19 '13 at 14:01
  • Changed constructor to use Upper case as per 'HourlySalesFigures' in both the argument and constructor body, same thing again. – John Cogan Aug 19 '13 at 14:06

Try to use @JsonIgnore property to ignore the fields that you are not handling/parsing in your code. Might be it would resolve the issue. If you have a different JSON parsing API then you just need to search how to ignore JSON key?

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  • The sample JSON shown in my question above will always return hourlySalesFigures with 24 items within, they will simply be set to zero if not used so there should not be any data returned which is never used. Not sure if this impacts your answer ? – John Cogan Aug 19 '13 at 14:00
  • Tried it anyway, didn't work and gave me the same error as original. – John Cogan Aug 19 '13 at 14:07
  • See my second answer with formatted JSON file. If it is useful. – Master Aug 19 '13 at 14:10

See {"hour":0,"numberOfSales":0,"totalOfSales":0}

A JSON file is the {"Key":"value"} pair. According to Software's language it only understands string type of Key and string type of value. So try to change it as


and parse it accordingly on your end.

I give it as second answer because of JSON formatting.

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Server REST was returning Json with uppercase camel humped variables, e.g.


renamed to


solved issue.

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