Hay guys, I'm using the solution found over at Jquery toggle event is messing with checkbox value to fire an evert on a checkbox. IE however seems to have a bug, my event isn't being called until i click anywhere on the document.

any ideas?

sample code...

    if ($(this).attr("checked")) {
        if(v == "0.00"){
            // some stuff
            // some stuff

        // some stuff


It seems if i change .change to .click it works. Well at least on check boxes.

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event bubbling/propogating issue or something like that i guess.

  • you need to study event bubbling/propogating for ie issues. This should be in dhtml books, articles, online tutorials, etc. You need to research a bit.
    – Sarfraz
    Commented Dec 2, 2009 at 11:24

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