I was in the first phone development class using dhtml way back when offered by nextel. I am not up to date on what is going on now or since then. I am creating a simple text file driven quiz program using radio buttons.

So I am forcing myself to write it in java, to load a csv into memory into a multi-dimensional array and loop through. We are only talking 40 lines of text. My question is more about the integration of java with the phone, how this occurs, and where is an appropriate place to load this array prior to the execution of the ActivityMain.xml? Is there a flow chart for how things execute through Android?

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    You seem to understand the basic flowchart. The activity declared as the main/launcher activity in your manifest will be the entry point of your Android program at the onCreate(Bundle b) method call. Everything you do must start there. I don't understand your question though, because it is pretty vague. – Kon Aug 19 '13 at 22:25

If by "load" you mean initialize and give the Array its values, you can load the Array most anywhere...maybe outside of a method to make it a member variable to be accessed throughout the Activity.

public class FoodSearch extends Activity
     String[] questions = new String[40];  // However you want to create your Array
     // add values if you want here
     public void onCreate(Bundle bundle)
           // code

But you can't use its contents in a View until you have called setContentVeiw(). If you post some of the code how you are doing it then we can better help you

public void onCreate(Bundle bundle)
     // now you can access Views to "load" your Array

you should have a look at the Managing Activity Life Cycles in the Android documentation.


The onCreate() method would be probably be where you want to load your text.

  • Thanks Kon, I'm a little nervous and not so clear. I was thinking of loading the array prior to the ActivityMain.xml executing, so the app opened up to the first page of questions--the first row of data in the array. But perhaps a splash screen would be best, and then a button to start the quiz and load the array, so if they are short on memory and accidentally launch the app, it doesn't load the array. I will check out the onCreate(Bundle b). Thanks again, just talking has helped. Thanks Stefan, that document really helps. Just still finding things. – user2697952 Aug 19 '13 at 22:43

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