I tried to enable support for sass source mapping in Chromium (v31.0.1606.0) but it seems that there is the "Support for SASS"-option missing in my case.

I followed those instructions: http://fonicmonkey.net/2013/03/25/native-sass-scss-source-map-support-in-chrome-and-rails/

Screenshot of my "Experiments"-Window: see http://i.stack.imgur.com/UhFNp.png

Hint: I also tried it with Google Chrome Canary and Chrome v30 and it didn´t worked either.


This one got me too, after reading a NetTuts article on Developing With Sass and Chrome DevTools. Seems like most articles on the subject are outdated.

Turns out Chrome v30 and later ship with souce maps and SASS support enabled by defualt. In v29 and earlier you have to check the "Support for SASS" box.

Furthermore, according to Google:
"Currently Sass is the only preprocessor that supports CSS source maps..."

So as long as you don't uncheck "Enable CSS Source Maps" in Dev Tools > Settings > General, you can hack away at your scss/sass directly from chrome.

I followed the Google Dev Tools docs and got it working on OSX.8 with Canary 32.0.1664.3. Here are the key points:

  1. Make sure you're using sass 3.3.0alpha
    gem install sass -v '>=3.3.0alpha' --pre

  2. Add the --sourcemap flag when you run sass from shell
    sass --watch --sourcemap sass/styles.scss:styles.css

  3. Optionally enable "Auto-reload generated CSS" in Dev Tools > Settings > General for real-time goodness.

Here's a screenshot from my machine immediately after following the above steps and firing up a site with Sass.

Debugging Sass in Chrome Dev Tools


Working with CSS Preprocessors - Chrome DevTools – Google Developers

Developing With Sass and Chrome DevTools | Nettuts+

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