If I create a tag by highlighting a specific commit in the "History" view it works fine. But if I try to create a tag for a specific commit using the "Git Repositories" view as shown below, it fails. The "Advanced" drop-down arrow necessary to select the specific commit I want to tag does nothing. Is this feature not implemented yet? Is it in the works for EGit v3.1?

Note: I don't have a Eclipse project created yet. So I don't have a "Team" menu item. But I tried creating one and the result is the same - the advanced arrow doesn't work.

  1. Create a new repo on Github (initialized with a readme.)
  2. Clone the repo with EGit.
  3. Make a commit on the master branch.
  4. From the Git Repositories View in EGit:
    • Right-click the item "Tags"
    • Select the menu item "Create Tag..."
    • In the "Create New Tag" dialog box that opens up, enter a tag name, and tag message.

The "Advanced" drop-down arrow does nothing.


Resize the window after clicking on Advanced. After that, you should see a dropdown to select the commit to tag.

This was an issue in EGit, see bug 352830. It's fixed in EGit 3.0.2 and 3.1 (not yet released).

  • Ahh, I should have noticed that since the arrow does change from pointing right to pointing downward. Thanks robinst. – mike Aug 20 '13 at 16:31

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