I m having xcode 4.5,

I have connected my iTouch(registered in developer program) to Mac Machine. It is appearing in Organizer's Device list. But, it is not appearing in xcode's device list(where simulators are) in one of my project. It is also shown when i open my other proejects.

So, What may be the problem in my this project, in which device is not appearing. Is any settings should be changed??

  • open organiser in xcode,under device section you will find the reason for device not connecting. Aug 20, 2013 at 10:34

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See the image below and change the settings.

enter image description here


You might need to "trust" the computer - a device will not show up in the organizer if the computer is not trusted.

Restart the iPad while it is connected to the computer. When it restarts, it will ask if you want to "Trust" the computer or not. Do so, then the device will show up in the Xcode Organizer.


I tried everything and then found that my device was identified on a different Mac but not mine. Quit and Reopen XCode resolved it.

  1. Restart XCode
  2. Try Changing the USB Port.
  3. Clean Project. Shift + command + K.
  4. Clear Derive Data.

The deployment target for your project is probably too high (e.g. iOS 7 if you are using Xcode 5 DP). Change it to a minimum version compatible with your device and try again.


Go to organiser, select your device, click on remove button at bottom of organiser screen, unplug your device and connect it once again. That's it. your device should be appear in xcode.


Go to organiser and click your device in the left panel. On the right, see if it is registered for development or not. If not, click "Use for development". Hope it helps !!


Got this problem too. I plug my phone to Apple Cinema Display. Turns out I forgot to plug in the display's USB cable to my MacBook Air, so only power goes to my device but no data transmission (/me facepalm big time).


My case, I was trying to run a sample app I just downloaded and didn't knew it was iPad only. And I had plugged-in an iPhone. :)


I’m using a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2019, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) and my iPhone was connected through a USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. The iPhone was no longer shown as a connected device. Tried connecting the iPhone directly to the MacBook without the Adapter and now it IS a connected device. I’m going to consider using a wireless connection for development.

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