If I have say for example 20 tabs open in VS 2010.

Is there a shortcut to closing all of them instead of manually click 'X' for each one?

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Try using ALT + W + L. This would help you to close all the open documents at once.

Please vote if it worked.


Window → Close All Documents.

I always bind this to Ctrl+Shift+W


Right click on one of the tabs, select "Close all but this" the manually close the last one.

  • to close all, either right click then select Close All, or ctrl + k + w (for windows)
    – Jake Weary
    Commented Apr 15, 2020 at 15:59

you can right click on a tab ->Close all but this. This will close all tabs except the one you clicked. Then you can click the "x" for the last tab remaining.


You can assign your own keyboard shortcut on Window.CloseAllDocuments action in VS options. By default there is none.

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