I installed Android on Virtualbox, I'm using Android x86 downloaded from http://www.android-x86.org/download I chose version 2.3 the eeepc version (android-x86-2.3-RC1-eeepc.iso).

The problem is the sound is not working, I tried all 3 choices in Virtualbox settings. My current settings:

Host driver: Windows DirectSound
Controller: ICH AC97

The choices I tried for the audio controller setting:

Intel HD Audio
SoundBlaster 16

I'm currently running Windows 7 and my audio driver is the default windows driver.

I searched and found people with the same issue, but I couldn't understand anything as I'm not an advanced Linux user some solutions talk about the ALSA driver but I couldn't find how to install it and use it.

Also could it be from the installation .iso file I chose ? my computer is Acer Travelmate 2480.

Update While checking the Android x86 website I found that we should use SoundBlaster 16 instead of ICH AC97.

I also tried the alsa_ctl init command inside the terminal (ALT + F1), and I got this:

Unkown hardware: "Dummy" ""Dummy Mixer" "" "" ""
Hardware is initialized using a guess method

I checked the version it's 1.0.23


Check for your sound cards detected using

alsa_aplay -l

and select the first card

alsa_ctl init 1

Have you checked here of using this

alsa_amixer set PCM 100 unmute

or do as described here

Read some crap to understand about Sound Architecture or Try using VMware Player or VMware Workstation its a better alternative, here you can find some good tutorials


Go to setting of the android virtual machine and select “Audio” and in audio setting select “SoundBlaster 16” as audio controller. The Android-x86 website says that only SoundBlaster 16 works as a VirtualBox soundcard for Android.

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