On Linux system (Ubuntu) I have a multipage TIFF file (file.tiff).

When I send it to a printer using "lp file.tiff" command, only the first page prints.

How do I print all the pages?

I have the following known options:

  1. Split the file to single-page TIFFs
  2. Convert TIFF to PDF

I'd like to keep the multi-page TIFF and avoid creating other formats. Is there a way to make CUPS print all the pages from the multipage TIFF file?

(Please do not offer "convert the file" as an answer as I know those, I'm looking for a CUPS method, lpprintmultipagetiff --please?).


Use tiff2ps. The link is below. You could also setup a dirty loop to print each page manually with cups.

for((i=1;i<=884;i++)); do <your lpr print command>; done

Note: 884 is the last page number... I'm just guessing. Use $i in your lpr print command when printing the desired page.


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    tiff2ps is conversion to another format, and I was very specific asking to not offer conversions. The rest of the solution is incomplete and it is not clear how it should work. Pick up a page # from converted PS file? Or from TIFF file? As far as I can get out of lp commands, they cannot extract page number from TIFF. – iva2k Aug 21 '13 at 5:40
  • Does something like the following work? "lp -o page-ranges=1 filename" or "lp -o page-ranges=1-4 filename" or "lp -o page-ranges=1-4,7,9-12 filename" or "lpr -o page-ranges=1-4,7,9-12 filename". – Alex Atkinson Aug 21 '13 at 14:29

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