Is it possible to create and parse json like this

"time1": { "UserId": "Action"},
"time2": { "UserId": "Action"},
"time3": { "UserId": "Action"}

with json-simple.jar
I would like to keep on updating the json with the element "time": { "UserId": "Action"}

Any help ? please

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    Why don't you change your json to something like this? { "timestamps": [{"time": "1", "uid": "0", "action": "add"}, . . .] } – Jianhong Aug 20 '13 at 15:20
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    You noticed, that you have duplicate property names here? The outer wrapper should be an array instead of an object. – Sirko Aug 20 '13 at 15:22
  • thanks Jianhong. sorry my question was not clear due to duplicate key. yes it's as you suggested. {"timestamp1":["id","action"],"timestamp2":["id","action"]} – TheMonkeyKing Aug 20 '13 at 15:50

Yes it's possible just use this to create :

JSONObject obj=new JSONObject();
JSONObject timeObj = new JSONObject();
timeObj.put("UserId", "Action");
obj.put("time", timeObj);

and to parse

Object obj=JSONValue.parse(value);
JSONObject object=(JSONObject)obj;
JSONObject timeObj = obj.get("time");
String action = timeObj.get("UserId");

but I don't recommends you to create JSON with format like that, the JSONObject property key must be unique, I suggest you to use JSONArray instead of JSONObject

I hope this can help you


Your JSON is incorrect. You can't have duplicate time keys. Convert it into a JSON array instead.

  "time": [
    { "UserId": "Action"},
    { "UserId": "Action"},
    { "UserId": "Action"}

Here's how you can parse this JSON string

String json =
        "{\n" + 
        "  \"time\": [\n" + 
        "    { \"UserId\": \"Action\"},\n" + 
        "    { \"UserId\": \"Action\"}\n" + 
        "  ]\n" + 

JSONObject jsonRoot = new JSONObject(json);
JSONArray timeArray = jsonRoot.getJSONArray("time");

// prints: [{"UserId":"Action"},{"UserId":"Action"}]

Here's how you can add a new object to this JSON array

timeArray.put(new JSONObject().put("Admin", "CreateUser"));

// prints: [{"UserId":"Action"},{"UserId":"Action"},{"Admin":"CreateUser"}]

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