I am trying to get specific issues from a plan.io project using the Redmine REST API. I want to list issues from a project that have the status of "in progress" or "to estimate". But I am not sure what kind of query string to write. I cant find any thing in API documentation on the redmine site.

Here is how to get all the issues from a project.


But how do I get only the issues from a project that have status equal to "in progress" or "resolved" etc. I know how to get IDs for the statuses but not sure how write the query. This is what I tried but didnt work.


The documentation says there's a status_id parameter for list only issues for a given status id. Example:


Tthe issue_statuses service can tell you what are the statuses codes


You can set several search values for status with the following syntax:


I have to admit it was not mentioned in the documentation, but I found it by setting the filters in the web interface, and than modify the url to call the webservice with the same parameters.

  • demo.redmine.org/issues.xml?project_id=16992& status_id =2. I swear I tried this yesterday it was not working, but working fine now. I am going to test this further and will mark your answer correct. – Atif Aug 21 '13 at 13:41
  • Can we search 'test' or something else keyword. – Atul Jain Mar 23 '16 at 11:33

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