Assume that I have this Exception Message

catch (Cartalyst\Sentry\Users\LoginRequiredException $e)
     echo 'Login field is required.';

How can I pass this message Login field is required using withErrors()?

return Redirect::to('admin/users/create')->withInput()->withErrors();
return Redirect::to('admin/users/create')
       ->withErrors(array('message' => 'Login field is required.'));

This depends on where you are catching the exception.

Sentry does not use the Validator class. So if you want to return an error message the Laravel way, you should create a separate Validator object and validate first, then only pass to Sentry after your validation has passed.

Sentry will only be able to pass 1 error back as it is catching a specific exception. Furthermore, the error will not be of the same type as the error in the validation class.

Also, if Sentry does catch the exception, then your Validation is clearly not working.

Code below is not how you should do it, but more to show a combination of what I believe shows ways of working with Laravel / Sentry

Example User model

class User extends Eloquent {
  public $errors;
  public $message;

    public function registerUser($input) {

       $validator = new Validator::make($input, $rules);
       if $validtor->fails() {
          $this->errors = $validator->messages();
          return false;

        try {
            // Register user with sentry
            return true;
        catch (Cartalyst\Sentry\Users\LoginRequiredException $e)
            $this->message = "failed validation";

            return false;


class UserController extends BaseController {

public function __construct (User $user) { $this->user = $user; }

public function postRegister()
    $input = [
        'email' => Input::get('email'),
        'password' => Input::get('password'),
        'password_confirmation' => Input::get('password_confirmation')

    if ($this->user->registerUser($input)) {
        Session::flash('success', 'You have successfully registered. Please check email for activation code.');
        return Redirect::to('/');
    else {
        Session::flash('error', $this->user->message);
        return Redirect::to('login/register')->withErrors($this->user->errors)->withInput();
  • You have syntax error, check you code. – giannis christofakis Mar 18 '14 at 19:18
  • Was typed out ages ago and was typed up freehand - not copy and pasted from running code. Was written as proof of concept. – Gravy Mar 18 '14 at 20:04
  • Sorry but this is no excuse ,it's the same (or worse) as providing no code. Wrong code discourage people who just want something working. It's not ages, it's 5 months ago. – giannis christofakis Mar 18 '14 at 20:18
  • 1
    People should not be looking for quick fixes when it comes to security and logins. As per answer... clearly states This is not how to do it, but a way to work with Laravel / Sentry. As such, I have given enough food for thought for somebody to pick up on the idea and build on it. Also, it answers the question and although not syntactically correct, provides a more detailed and useful answer than yours. Further, if SO had a php debugger / ide built in, then fine - but it doesnt - it's just a text box. – Gravy Mar 18 '14 at 21:20
  • if $validtor->fails() { How valid is this? – giannis christofakis Mar 18 '14 at 22:53

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