Here is the structure of wanted JSON string

"1" : {
    "Class': "group"
    "text": "test1"
"2" : {
    "Class': "group"
    "text": "test1"

How can I create an jsonObject in Java that has this JSON representation?


Use JSONObject Class from net.sf.json.JSONObject like this:

JSONObject jsonObject=new JSONObject();

JSONObject childObject=new JSONObject();
childObject.put("class", "group");
childObject.put("text", "test1");

jsonObject.put("1", childObject);
jsonObject.put("2", childObject);

  • i wrote similar lines, but got errors childNode.put("class", element.className()); childNode.put("text", element.ownText()); group.put(i, childNode); becasue "i" is a integer, how to fix it? – hkguile Aug 22 '13 at 5:53

You can either directly create the structure with Strings, or use a library that will create JSON objects in a more object oriented manner.

See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/338586/a-better-java-json-library for some discussion on various JSON libraries and their pros/cons.

You can also always go with JSON's official library: http://json.org/java/

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