I'm new to Mercurial and I'm a bit confused about how to stash changes like git. I dug into SO and found some use attic extension while others use shelve extension. Are there any reason I should use one instead of the other?. Are they complementary?.



Attic has not been updated since 2011, whereas Shelve is built-in. I was looking at the same thing myself, and decided to avoid Attic due to lack of maintenance.

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From Attic wiki:

Shelve ... is almost entirely a subset of attic. In fact attic's hg shelve --interactive is calling 3 methods directly pulled from the hgshelve extension source code

Attic or Shelve is mostly question of habits and personal tastes

You have to explore MQ Extension also: "Git's stash on steriods"

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I've been fine in using attic and am happy with it. (We just upgraded from hg version 2.2.2 to 3.7.3 I do not know how well attic works on the later version. Have to report back.)

In a search now I see there is a slightly newer forked version at https://bitbucket.org/sinbad/hgattic

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