I added some objects to ThreeJS scene (using scene.add(object)). I know the name of object and just want to fetch index of it from scene.children.

I tried to use scene.children.indexOf("objectName") but it returns -1 index. Can anybody suggest what can I do?


var object = scene.getObjectByName( "objectName" );

or to recursively search the scene graph

var object = scene.getObjectByName( "objectName", true );

Alternatively, you can search by ID.

var id = scene.getObjectById( 4, true );

three.js r.60

  • I just tried as you suggested, but got "undefined". I checked by putting var object = scene.getObjectByName( "objectName" ); in alert() and got "undefined". Since I don't know much about ThreeJS, but I found that objects are storied in scene.children. Every object we add to scene get append to the end of scene.children. So I wrote this code: var lastIndex = scene.children.length - 1; endElement = scene.children[lastIndex];scene.remove(endElement); This removes the last element I drew. I need your help to fetch ID of an element from scene.children with reference to object name. Thanks.
    – harman052
    Aug 22 '13 at 22:35
  • @user2615614 Did you set the name parameter of the object you added to the scene? Some sample code would be helpful in diagnosing the error :) Aug 24 '13 at 2:49
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I believe that something that can actually can answer your question is the following code that I use to clean the scene:

while (scene.children.length > 0) {
            scene.remove(scene.children[scene.children.length - 1]);

this way I don't need to access an element by its name or id. The object are simply fetched from the array with an index, so it's like scene.children[i].


You got an alert text as undefined because you're getting back an object not a value/text. You would need to alert something like scene.getObjectByName( "objectName" ).name or scene.getObjectByName( "objectName" ).id i believe.


The relevant docs: getObjectById, getObjectByName. An important note from getObjectByName:

Note that for most objects the name is an empty string by default. You will have to set it manually to make use of this method.

This could be why you were getting undefined. Also, if you are getting undefined, trying to access .name or .id is going to throw an error. If you were getting an object back you would see something like "[object Object]" in the alert.

Another important note I learned the hard way is that the value you need to pass to getObjectById is object.id, and not object.uuid. Also, object.id is essentially just the index of the object in the children array.

Putting it all together:

// var object = new THREE.Mesh(...) or similar
object.name = 'objectName';
var retrievedObject = scene.getObjectById(object.id);
// or
var retrievedObject = scene.getObjectByName('objectName');

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