We are developing a ASP.NET website with VS2012. Need to pass WCAG2.0 guidelines. The Check Accessibility checklist in VS2012 doesn't match one-to-one with the guidelines.

Anyone has any pointers to any tools specific to WCAG2.0 guideline checklist?

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Try HTML Code Sniffer, a browser bookmarklet that runs javascript assertions on a page, that map to WCAG2A, AA, AAA or section 508.

HTML Code Sniffer also has a phantomjs command line runner that you could try integrating into a ASP.NET test suite.

The syntax looks like this: phantomjs HTMLCS_Run.js URL standard" where standards are "WCAG2A", "WCAG2AA", "WCAG2AAA". It outputs a pipe delimited list of errors.

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