I'm on Windows 7, and I have my EC2 instance up and running. I have my key file, with permission 400. I can SSH into my EC2 and I can even sftp into it from command line (Cygwin) like so:

sftp -i ~/.ssh/ekia_ec2.pem ubuntu@54.***.***.149

But Sublime's SFTP instantly throws a "Connection timeout" at me. I've tried both path types:



I've also tried using "ssh_flags" instead of "ssh_key_file"

"sftp_flags": ["-i /C/cygwin/home/Ehsan/.ssh/ekia_ec2.pem"]

"sftp_flags": ["-o IdentityFile=/C/cygwin/home/Ehsan/.ssh/ekia_ec2.pem"]

Nothing works. Sublime 2, Windows 7 64bit, SFTP 1.11.2.

Just to add to Ehsan Kia's comment, Please dont use these commands in Windows 7 to point to key file

"sftp_flags": ["-i /C/cygwin/home/Ehsan/.ssh/ekia_ec2.pem"]

"sftp_flags": ["-o IdentityFile=/C/cygwin/home/Ehsan/.ssh/ekia_ec2.pem"]

instead use

"ssh_key_file": "C://...//yourkey.ppk"
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    Thank you, I think that was me after an hour of messing around with different variations of passing the key file to see if it'd work. – Ehsan Kia Aug 23 '15 at 21:48
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For anyone looking for an answer to this, I found it myself:

The SFTP plugin uses PSFTP.exe, and that doesn't work too well with .pem files. You'll need to convert it to a .ppk file and use that instead. I used PuTTy, but there are many ways you can convert it.

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    For anyone else reading, combine this answer with Rahul's! Thanks – ae0709 Aug 11 '16 at 23:32

The key file is in the format .pem and it won't work on the SFTP plugin. You can download FileZilla, which will convert it to a ppk file. And then, you'll be able to use the ppk file with the SFTP plugin on Sublime.

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