I have a problems with Hudson because my job needs two params for build the first specifies the environment and can be one of DEV, QA, PROD, and the second is a specific server, this parameter depends on the first one.

By example if I chose environment DEV, the second parameter can be only DEV1,DEV2, MAQ1 . I don't have an idea if a plugin with this functionality exists or I need to make something with groovy. I do not know please help me.

Thank you

  • What does environment mean here? How do you get the environment you choose in step 2? – Johnny Chen Aug 23 '13 at 2:33
  • This it's the question, i have 2 parameters and the second parameter depend of the first parameter, if you wan forget the paramateres names – David Dominguez Aug 23 '13 at 2:37

It appears that Jenkins loads the list of parameters to select when you open the "build project" page. There's no callback happening when selecting a parameter either.

In that case it will be difficult to restrict the second parameter based on the first one without javascript and a custom plugin.

I also looked at those:

I would ask the jenkins user list for more information.


Try Active Choices Plugin. It is the second name of Uno-Choice plugin, but it is located in official Jenkins repository and does not require UpdateSites Manager plugin. (Both plugins have the same author). Plugin has a great documentation with examples (and gif-demonstration) on the plugin's description page.

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    The plug-in started as Uno Choice (see @thenaglecode reply), then we decided to share with every Jenkins user. The community voted for a rename, and Ioannis suggested Active Choices, which was well accepted. The documentation and gifs, also kudos to Ioannis for that :-) – Bruno P. Kinoshita Sep 21 '15 at 6:10

A good plugin (requires you to have the UpdateSites Manager plugin and register the biouno update site) is the uno-choice plugin ( and friends).

The Uno-Choice Cascade Dynamic Parameter Plugin plugin allows for not only more than two levels of dependencies, but can generate dynamic content for the parameters which depend on previous input using either scriptler or inline groovy.

This is certainly much more capable than the previous answers.

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    looks like the Uno-Choice plugin is now the Active Choices plugin. See @kool79 's answer and comment by plugin author. – coderatchet Oct 2 '17 at 22:11

You can try the EnvInject Plugin.

First you put the first parameter into a settings file.Then the plugin can read from the file .Step two,generate the second parameter with your own script.

  • Thanks Johnny, i can read the parameter from a file, but the problem is: the script only execute when the paramater page is load, and not when i change then value of the value. – David Dominguez Aug 23 '13 at 13:00

I ran into similar problems. I have a parameter for the environment Dev1, Dev2, ..... and a second one for the server where I need to run the job. I can compute the second from the first, but then the job is already running and I can't move it to another server anymore.

So I ended up having the two parameters with all possible choices and teaching the users to only choose the valid combinations. I can test during script execution whether the combination is valid. I also put a small html table in the comment of one of the parameters which contains valid combinations.

In your case, can you compute the value of the first parameter from the values of the second parameters? Then you would be able to compute (if still necessary) the value of the first parameter, write it to a temporary properties file and load it with the EnvInject plugin in a later build step.

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