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I am trying to bind a Html.DropDownList from Enum. Can anyone help me thanks in advance.

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public enum CityType
        [Description("Select City")]
        Select = 0,

        NewDelhi = 1,

        Mumbai = 2,

        Bangalore = 3,

        Buxar = 4,

        Jabalpur = 5

IList<SelectListItem> list = Enum.GetValues(typeof(CityType)).Cast<CityType>().Select(x =>    new SelectListItem(){ 
    Text = EnumHelper.GetDescription(x), 
    Value = ((int)x).ToString()

    int city=0; 
    if (userModel.HomeCity != null) city= (int)userModel.HomeCity;
ViewData["HomeCity"] = new SelectList(list, "Value", "Text", city);

 @Html.DropDownList("HomeCity",null,new { @style = "width:155px;", @class = "form-control" })

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