Almost similar to this topic, but here I am not a superuser to use --stdin.

So I found an other way round, I would open a "shell" in background and give input to shell via a String through InputStream

I made a code like below:

String s = "cd bin\n";

byte bb[] = s.getBytes();

InputStream intt = new ByteArrayInputStream(bb);

channel.setInputStream(new FilterInputStream(intt) {
    public int read(byte[] b, int off, int len) throws IOException {
        return in.read(b, off, (len > 1024 ? 1024 : len));

Now this works perfectly when I want to execute only one command but I want to give multiple commands, for which I am facing issue.

Any suggestions?



  • just an update, Are you clear with the explanation?
    – icr
    Aug 26, 2013 at 1:50

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I found a solution to question I asked, don't know if its a full proof solution since I tested with limited period of time and I did it beast way I can.

channel = session.openChannel("exec");
((ChannelExec) channel).setCommand(command);
((ChannelExec) channel).setPty(true);

In the command string

String command = "(echo old_password; echo new_password; echo new_password) | passwd username";

or if not a superuser then,

String command = "(echo old_password; echo new_password; echo new_password) | passwd"

That is it ;)



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