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After a lot of pain,Finally installed GWT 2.5 with my Eclipse kepler

Now I am able to launch with Dev mode ,i.e Classic Dev Mode.

By debug configuration in Eclipse aruguments tab is .

-remoteUI "${gwt_remote_ui_server_port}:${unique_id}" -startupUrl index.html -logLevel INFO -codeServerPort 9997 -port 8888 -war E:\GWT2.5_Test\V4Workflow_V17\war com.suresh.V4Workflow

When I'm debugging Eclipse generated the URL

Which is fine.And Able to debug my code.

Actual question begins here:

I am eagerly waiting to launch my application with Super Dev Mode.

From Docs:

Super Dev Mode runs the GWT compiler in a web server, which is an ordinary Java application that developers can run from the command line. After the server starts up, it prints its URL:

The code server is ready. Next, visit: http://localhost:9876/

Added the below two lines in gwt.xml file

<add-linker name="xsiframe"/>
<set-configuration-property name="devModeRedirectEnabled" value="true"/>

I compiled the project and then I launched with http://localhost:9876/ nothing to happened.

Strangely no configuration guidelines founded in docs.

What I'm missing here?

Thanks for any clues.

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  • how did you run the server? did you use the eclipse launcher? did you update the GWT eclipse plugin as well to be aligned with GWT 2.5? – Eliran Malka Aug 24 '13 at 22:25

Did you configure the second launcher ? If not :

  • Open the window "Run configurations"
  • Create a new launcher in "Java Application"
  • In the tab "main" :
    • add your project ("browse")
    • add in Main Class : "com.google.gwt.dev.codeserver.CodeServer"
  • In tab "argument" :
    • add that "-src src/ PACKAGE_NAME.PROJECTNAME" (fictive example "-src src/ com.google.My_project")
  • In tab "classpath" :
    • select "User Entries", and add the jar "gwt-codeserver.jar"
  • Save this Configuration

After that, you can launch your server then launch this 2nd launcher and access to the page : http://localhost:9876/.

source : http://www.badlogicgames.com/wordpress/?p=3073

Hope this will help you.

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