For some reason I keep getting null values when using menu items in the MainMenu.xib. I think I understand First Responder and the responder chain (maybe), and my menus are firing the methods I want them to fire in various controllers. Unfortunately, the instance variables in the controllers always are null when called from a menu. But when the same method is called by a button, the values of the instance variables are as expected. I have made sure that the controllers and their instance variables are alloc/inited before using the menu, and they are. I can fire a method with a button and watch it work, and then in the same runtime fire it with a menu and watch it come up null. Obviously I am missing something major about menus.

Here's the basic set-up:

@interface ImportController : NSObject {  // ImportController owns Import.xib

    NSMutableArray *importArray;


- (IBAction)methodThatUsesArray:(id)sender;

@property (nonatomic, retain) NSMutableArray *importArray;

@implementation ImportController

- (void)awakeFromNib {

    // Code that opens the Import window owned by ImportController.
    // Code that initializes and populates importArray.           


- (IBAction)methodThatUsesArray:(id)sender {

    NSLog(@"%@", importArray); 

    /* When this method is invoked by an NSButton in the Import.xib, 
the NSLog statement reveals a fully populated importArray. But when the 
method is invoked by a menu item from the MainMenu, it logs (null). 
I have tried adding methodThatUsesArray to the FirstResponder object 
in the MainMenu and linking the MainMenu menu item directly to the 
ImportController object. I also have tried accessing importArray from 
other controllers using accessor methods. The only way I can get to 
the contents of importArray is to use a button in the 
Import.xib. */


@synthesize importArray;

UPDATE: This is getting clearer. The Import.xib is used by two controllers: an NSWindowController instance called ImportWindowController, and an NSObject instance called ImportController. ImportWindowController does nothing but open the window when the user clicks a toolbar button in the MainMenu.xib, but ImportController contains all the outlets and methods used with the Import window.

When the program first starts up, something (NSApplication?) initializes the first copy of ImportController. However, the window does not appear until I press a toolbar button in MainMenu.xib. That's when the ImportWindowController initalizes a second copy of ImportController (by logging "self" I've discovered they have different addresses). When I call ImportController methods with buttons in the Import.xib, it's the second copy that populates the arrays and behaves as expected. But when I use main menu items, it's the first copy that is called and, returns null values for the arrays, and does nothing. Obviously, there is a major design problem here, but I'm still thinking about the best way forward.

ANOTHER UPDATE: If I remove the ImportController blue cube from the MainMenu.xib in IB, then I solve the problem of initing two instances of ImportController. But then my menu items are greyed out. ImportController is not in the responder chain?

  • Showing some code and what you're doing in the xib would help. – BergQuester Aug 25 '13 at 5:36
  • Code added. Thanks! – kwksdy Aug 25 '13 at 16:27

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