I recently migrated from Eclipse to Android Studio. Now I have all my project working but directory structure has changed in Android Studio so I have to commit this changes to my GitHub repository so I did:

  • Copied .git folder from Eclipse Project to Android Studio Project
  • VCS -> Git -> Add to VCS

So now I have a my Git repository and I can see all the changes I did in Eclipse in Changes View. Now to commit the new project structure:

  • VCS -> Commit Changes

A new windows is opened with the changes and I see Android Studio want to delete ALL my files except 2, one I modified on Android Studio and the other a .iml file.

enter image description here

So when I commit all the files of my project are deleted from my git repository instead of committing almost everything and delete some folders due to directory structure change . Why this happens? Is it a bug? Is there any workaround?


Finally I get it working correctly, the procedure on Linux would be:

  1. Download and install gitg. On Debian based distributions you can install it with sudo apt-get install gitg
  2. Commit the changes using gitg (it will commit the changes as it should without the error in Android Studio)
  3. Restart Android Studio

Now Android Studio will work as expected with GIT.

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