I'm trying to localize a .xib file.

The problem: After clicking the "Localize button" in the inspector, I end up with a list containing "English" and nothing else, well this is normal. But usually, as I can remember there is a "+" button which lets you add a language to this list.

I've asked on apple developer forum, because I'm using a beta version, but the post has been removed (not sure why).

There's a workaround for this?



You need to add the localization in the project settings first. Go to your project settings -> localizations -> + (plus button)

How to add localization in XCode 5.0

  • Note that Xcode 6 now uses "xliff" files that xcode will expect you to import/export, so you are no longer able to "add" raw localization files through this interface – Chicowitz Jan 13 '15 at 19:02

When talking about xcode 5, go Project settings and make sure that you have Project selected, not Target - focus on left upper corner. There was special column in previous version (see accepted answer) but now there is a kind of furtive list.

enter image description here

Once you select your Project, localization will appear under Info tab.

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