Everytime i start a new node in the Solr cluster a shard or a shard replica is assigned automatically. How could i specify which shard/shards should be replicated on this new node ?

I'm trying to get to a configuration with 3 shards, 6 servers - one for each shard master and 3 for the replicas - and shard1 to have 3 replicas, one on each of the servers while shard1 and shard2 only one.

How can this be achieved?


You can go to the core admin at the solrcloud Web GUI, unload the core that has been automatically assigned to that node and then create a new core, specifying the collection and the shard you want it to be assigned at. After you create that core you should see at the cloud view , that your node has been adeed to that specific shard and after some time that all documents of that shard have been sychronized with your node.

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