We have been using RequireJS Optimizer in our deployment file for months now. Everything was working.

Basically what we are doing is the following:

We compile our Coffee scripts files

node %DEPLOYMENT_SOURCE%\build\node_modules\coffee-script\bin\coffee -co "%DEPLOYMENT_SOURCE%\src\Web\Scripts" "%DEPLOYMENT_SOURCE%\src\Web\Coffee"

Then we opitmize the js files into a single file using RequireJS:

node "%DEPLOYMENT_SOURCE%\build\node_modules\requirejs\bin\r.js" -o "%DEPLOYMENT_SOURCE%\build\build.js"

Locally, it works #1. But on Azure we have this error:

Cannot optimize network URL, skipping: //

Please note that I changed the IP and the paths.

I checked the documentation of RequireJS, and in fact it does not support network URLs when optimizing.

The same script was working a few days ago.

Anybody aware of changes in Azure that could have lead to this? Any workaround?

Thanks a lot

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I made it working by overriding the baseUrl when calling r.js:

node "%DEPLOYMENT_SOURCE%\build\node_modules\requirejs\bin\r.js" -o "%DEPLOYMENT_SOURCE%\build\build.js" baseUrl=%DEPLOYMENT_SOURCE%\src\Web\scripts

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