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I have written a Service in VB 2010 that captures some information and then saves this info on the HD. This was initially an executable and was working perfectly.

I decided to turn it into a service because I wanted it to run before log on. When it was finished I installed it (with no problems) and then ran it to test it. Everything went great, I got all the data written to the HD where it was supposed to be.

I then installed it on my daughters machine (Windows 7) switched it off and then on again a while later. Again the service worked fantastic.

The next test was on my machine (Windows 8). I rebooted my machine with the Service installed and it worked again, all seemed to be going well. I then switched my machine off and after a while turned it back on, on this occasion nothing happened, even the eventlog wasn't showing anything for the time that it was booted.

StartType is set to Automatic

ServiceName in the installer is set to the ServiceName of the Service

ProcessInstaller Account is set to LocalSystem

I don't understand why it works perfectly in Windows seven but won't work when I stop and then Start the laptop in windows 8.

Please can someone help

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Do you have any error logging in your service? – KingCronus Aug 27 '13 at 10:44
Yes I use the EventLog provided in and have it sending info onstart and onstop. When I stop and then start the machine the service is showing as running but nothing has happened and nothing has been logged in the EventLog. – user2721205 Aug 27 '13 at 10:59

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