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trying to pass a long string to the android emulator. So i have to encode my input in a away that cmd parses and then in a way sh parses as that's what adb (the tool i'm using to ultimately get the input text to the android emulator) uses.

simply it's: CMD -> adb.exe -> sh -> telnet

The main issue is the adb.exe->sh step. I have to escape (add \ before) several characters. The ones i'm recalling now are ; and ( and ).

So in the flow above, for the 1st (CMD) step i'd have as input: abc 123 ();

But for the 2nd step (adb.exe) i have to pass in adb.exe ... "abc" 62 "123" 62 "\(\)\;"

The breaking in the spaces i think i can do with FIND (or simply use the default argument separation, as i'm using to simplify the sample of what i have so far bellow), but the replacement map (; -> \;), is there any easy way to do that in a .bat file?

what i have so far is this:

@echo off
rem if there are no arguments, exit
IF [%1]==[] exit /B

rem TODO: escape ';' and '(' and ')'

rem send this argument...
adb shell input text %1

rem ...plus a space
if [%2]==[] exit /B
adb shell input keyevent 62

rem shift to the next argument and continue
goto loop_args
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This works for several characters.

set "var=%~1"
set "var=%var:;=\;%"
set "var=%var:)=\)%"
set "var=%var:(=\(%"

echo "%var%"
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If the app handles text in the usual way then quotes around the command line text will work like this:

batch.bat "ab de fg" "<123 && 456>" "(10 to one)"

with this batch file

@echo off
adb shell input text "%~1"
if not "%~1"=="" goto :loop
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sorry, my question was confusing... let me remove the part about spaces, that was mostly to the adb and slightly offtopic.. i can get all the values just quoting, correct. just like you point. Now, the question is, before i pass them down, how do i add `` before them? –  gcb Aug 28 '13 at 3:43

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