Lets say I have a field in the DB with possible values 'Y', 'N', NULL. I want to represent it in my DTO with a boolean property ('N', NULL -> false, 'Y' - > true). Can I somehow plug into OrmLite to make the conversion myself (both directions, ofc) during the query/update/insert? Thanks


ORMLite uses simple POCOs so you can do something like this:

public class MyDto
    // Values: Y, N, and NULL
    public string SomeDbField { get; set; }

    public bool SomeDbFieldAccessor
        get { return (SomeDbField != null && SomeDbField == "Y"); }
        set { SomeDbField = value ? "Y" : "N"; }

The [Ignore] attribute on the accessor field will tell ORMLite that the field should not be saved to / read from the database.

  • That is exactly what I thought I would have to do if OrmLite didn't have this feature :). Thank you for confirming – actionresult Aug 29 '13 at 11:54

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