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I'm looking to run a jython/modjy (modjy is kinda analogous to mod_wsgi except it bridges java web servers and applications) on my IBM WAS 8.5 Liberty Profile.

However when I convert the jython-modjy sample app into a .WAR file and put it in the dropins directory, the WebSphere server really struggles to find the path of the (WSGI handler). Here's a snippet of my web.xml file:


The only other app related parameters are app_directory and app_callable_name which default to the current directory and handler respectfully:

I get the following error when I try to run the app:

modjy.modjy_exceptions.ApplicationNotFound: Application filename not found: None/

The only way I've gotten it to work is by specifying an absolute path, which really isn't too portable

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, David

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I don't know, but my recommendation would be to debug/trace the modjy code to determine what is causing the difference in behavior. It's likely that a Liberty API (javax.servlet or ClassLoader would be my guess) is returning a different value from Tomcat (e.g., getRealPath because the .war is not expanded on disk?). – Brett Kail Oct 15 '13 at 3:55

I did a quick test myself and I share the same apprehension raised by bkail. This issue is most likely the result of Liberty's behavior of not inflating deployed web applications. Therefore, all applications which rely on getRealPath() will fail.

There are two possible options/workarounds:

  1. In a development environment, you can use Eclipse with the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile Tools to add your Dynamic Web Module project to your Liberty server instance. This will create a link between Liberty and your project files in your workspace. The Servlet Context's getRealPath() method will work in this setup.

  2. Inflate your WAR file in your Liberty server's dropins directory into a directory, which is called like the WAR file - including the file extension .war. The same approach should work with specifying your application in the server.xml.

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