we have a windows 2008 r2 server. We installed gpg4win and it works. We can create publick and secret keys and decrypt messages for those that have our public key. The issue The gnu install defaulted to my user profile and we would like it to be under a generic one. We created a directory c:\gpg_keys According to the documentation on the gnu web site: gpg --homedir /my/path/ to make GnuPG create all its files in that directory. " When we run this command this is windows install: gpg --homedir c:\gpg_keys\ the return is: gpg: keyring c://gpg_keys//secring.gpg' created gpg: keyringc://gpg_keys//pubring.gpg' created gpg: Go ahead and type your message ... the process stops???

When we look at the target directory we have: 08/28/2013 05:14 PM 0 pubring.gpg
08/28/2013 05:14 PM 0 secring.gpg.lock 08/28/2013 05:14 PM 0 pubring.gpg.lock 08/28/2013 05:14 PM 0 secring.gpg 4 files zeroe length created Please any way to get the target directory for home moved??


The --homedir apparantly does not work but the following does: Home directory: =============== GnuPG makes use of a per user home directory to store its keys as well as configuration files. The default home directory is a directory named "gnupg" below the application data directory of the user. This directory will be created if it does not exist. Being only a default, it may be changed by setting the name of the home directory into the Registry under the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU\GnuPG using the name "HomeDir". If an environment variable "GNUPGHOME" exists, this even overrides the registry setting. The command line option "--homedir" may be used to override all other settings of the home directory.

checking with --version shows the directory has been changed.

  • Changing --homedir seems to mess up the key agent. It is a major bug in gpg4win, and it has been open for about two years now. I've submitted a bug report to their issue tracker: wald.intevation.org/tracker/… Let's home it gets some attention. I'd fix it myself, if I had the time and the slightest idea where to begin. – enigmaticPhysicist Apr 24 '14 at 18:26
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    Setting the GNUPGHOME environment variable worked for me with GPG4Win 2.2.3. The --homedir option did not work. – humbads Jan 19 '15 at 16:54
  • Humbads' comment above should be a full answer. That worked for me and I feel it is a much cleaner solution than the other answers posted here. – Hans Goldman Mar 10 '17 at 19:57

Here's a ready made solution in the form of a .reg file. Paste this into example.reg, edit, save, then double-click on the resulting file.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"HomeDir"="c:\\edit this\\.gnupg"

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