I want to have an optional URL variable in route. I can't seem to find a way using mux package. Here's my current route:

func main() {
    r := mux.NewRouter()
    r.HandleFunc("/view/{id:[0-9]+}", MakeHandler(ViewHandler))
    http.Handle("/", r)
    http.ListenAndServe(":8080", nil)

It works when the url is localhost:8080/view/1. I want it to accept even if there's no id so that if I enter localhost:8080/view it'll still work. Thoughts?


You could define a new HandleFunc for the root /view path:

r.HandleFunc("/view", MakeHandler(RootHandler))

And have the RootHandler function do whatever you require for that path.


Register the handler a second time with the path you want:

r.HandleFunc("/view", MakeHandler(ViewHandler))

Just make sure when you are getting your vars that you check for this case:

vars := mux.Vars(r)
id, ok := vars["id"]
if !ok {
  // directory listing
// specific view

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