I am trying to add hours to current time like

-- SELECT GetDate(DATEADD (Day, 5, GETDATE()))

How can I get hours ahead time in SQL Server?


DATEADD (datepart , number , date )

declare @num_hours int; 
    set @num_hours = 5; 

select dateadd(HOUR, @num_hours, getdate()) as time_added, 
       getdate() as curr_date  
Select JoiningDate ,Dateadd (day , 30 , JoiningDate)
from Emp

Select JoiningDate ,DateAdd (month , 10 , JoiningDate)
from Emp

Select JoiningDate ,DateAdd (year , 10 , JoiningDate )
from Emp

Select DateAdd(Hour, 10 , JoiningDate )
from emp

Select dateadd (hour , 10 , getdate()), getdate()

Select dateadd (hour , 10 , joiningDate)
from Emp

Select DateAdd (Second , 120 , JoiningDate ) , JoiningDate 
From EMP
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The DATEADD() function adds or subtracts a specified time interval from a date.


datepart(interval) can be hour, second, day, year, quarter, week etc; number (increment int); date(expression smalldatetime)

For example if you want to add 30 days to current date you can use something like this

 select dateadd(dd, 30, getdate())

To Substract 30 days from current date

select dateadd(dd, -30, getdate())
declare @hours int = 5;

select dateadd(hour,@hours,getdate())
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SELECT GETDATE() + (hours / 24.00000000000000000)

Adding to GETDATE() defaults to additional days, but it will also convert down to hours/seconds/milliseconds using decimal.

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