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When i'm trying to connect to my connections which is "" The browser shows that "Forbidden, You don't have permission to access /homepage/ on this server, IBM_HTTP_Server at Port 443"

What seems to be the problem? I've already check the possible error just like my "host file, httpconfd, path of plugins-cfg.xml"

And checking the log of my connections it shows this error "[error] [client] Directory index forbidden by options directive: C:/IBM/HTTPServer/htdocs/homepage/"

What seems to be the problem? sorry im just a newbie on connections.

Thanks in advance for those who are willing to help! Godbless!

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check your plugin-cfg.xml does it point to the right server/applications? I imagine it doesn't otherwise you shouldn't see htdocs in the warning

sounds like when you updated it, you might have to manually copy over the xml. *make sure you overwrite the plugin-cfg.xml *

That should fix your problem.

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